Join us on October 5th, purchase tickets online here!
Encouraging a conversation about sustainability in Manitoba
Month-long series of events take place across Manitoba: Film screenings, festivals, workshops, food markets, music concerts, art exhibits, and much more!
During the month of October let us know all the ways you #GetSustainable

October is Sustainability Month!

Gather, Share, Celebrate all of the ways that Manitobans like you are living sustainably as we create a culture of sustainability in our province.

Events are taking place across the province that aim to inspire and empower Manitobans to lead more sustainable lives. You can expect to attend events and activities like talks, book readings, workshops, theatre performances, music concerts, art exhibits, food markets, and more!

Sustainability Night 20X20

Join us on Monday, October 5th for Sustainability Night 20X20. We will be celebrating sustainability in our province with an evening of fast paced presentations exploring sustainability in our world. Tickets are available for purchase online ($10 in advance, $15 at the door). There will be 8 presenters, presenting 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Presentations are meant to share ongoing projects, initiatives, ideas and research that is contributing to a sustainability Manitoba. We hope that you will be inspired through these powerful, entertaining, and though-provoking presentations to think more deeply about the meaning of sustainability in our lives. After, stay for cocktails and appetizers over conversation.

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