October is Celebrating Sustainability Month

You’ve heard that October is Celebrating Sustainability Month, but you’re not quite sure what that means. 

It is a month-long series of events taking place in October that are organized by various organizations, fostering a culture of sustainability in our province. We are highlighting events that are taking place throughout the province for all Manitobans to participate in.

Why celebrate sustainability?

Celebrating Sustainability Month is a way to honour the work done during the the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development. It’s important for all Manitobans to be involved because Education for Sustainable Development is everyone’s business.

We want to showcase all of the initiatives that are taking place in our province right now to move the conversation of sustainability forward, and carry on with the momentum from the Decade for Education for Sustainable Development.

So what are the goals of the month?

We want to create a culture of sustainability in Manitoba, and we want you to be involved in this.

How do you live sustainably? What does sustainability mean to you?

We want to acknowledge all of the amazing work that Manitobans (e.g., individuals, schools, NGOs, businesses, industry, post-secondary institutions, etc.) are doing to support and encourage all of us to live more sustainably.

It all sounds exciting! How can I be involved?


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